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This group of islands attracts numerous tourists every year with crystal bluish-green waters, white beaches, lagoons, and an unparalleled environment. Starting from the beach activities to the exclusive cuisine of the land, every element of these islands have been an exotic experience to any beach or nature lover.

The following are the handpicked tourists’ attractions in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, for those who are planning to visit Andaman and Nicobar.

Havelock Island: Havelock Island is one of the main destinations of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is famous among tourists for its spotless beauty that goes unrivaled when it comes to unscathed and unexplored natural beauty and virgin forests of the earth. It is an outstanding contrast of luxuriant greenery, sandy whiteness, and blue vast ocean body.

Chidiya Tapu: in Hindi the word “Chidiya” means bird. And it can be understood by the name; Chidiya Tapu is the perfect place for bird watchers for vetting uncommon migratory birds and also the common native birds, which are the good-looking feathered residents of the island. This popular tourist spot offers captivating views of sunrises and sunsets. The blend of dense deep evergreen forests on one side and the beauty of stunted hills on the other side edged by attractive beaches make this spot tranquil.

Neil Island: Neil Island is famous for its captivating white sandy beaches and lush green forests. It offers its own special petition with some very popular beaches and crystal clear water that resound with millions of teeming wildlife and superb corals.

Mount Harriet National Park: It was established in 1969 and is the third highest mountain peak in the Andaman archipelago. It has very beautiful beaches. Thus when one walks across the park, one can find stunning coastlines, a wide range of endemic flora and fauna, and a host of vivid butterflies. Mount Harriet also anchorages a tribal community in its depths who in fact belong to the negrito race and are mainly hunters and food gatherers, living a primitive way of life.

Mount Harriet National Park has mixed varieties of trees shelter a wide range of birds too, for instance, wood pigeon, cuckoo dove, white-headed starling, Andaman drongo, Andaman woodpecker and lot many more.

Baratang Island: This mysterious island is famous among tourists for its beautiful mangrove creeks, secluded beaches, mud volcanoes, and limestone caves — each of which is exclusive and worth a visit. The visit to the mud volcanoes and limestone cave is so mysterious that it is worth a peep for the courageous and brave at heart. Also for the exploration of a limestone cave, the Guides are provided and permission is needed to be secured from the Andaman Forest Department.

Diglipur: Diglipur is not less than a heaven for the people who want to spend a vacation that is hugely close to nature and provides unconditional peace and solitude. Diglipur also presents an agricultural face with orange plantations and stretches of very green rice fields. It construes a dream vacation with countless sea beauty, unbridled view of wide magnanimous seas, foam lapped shoreline, and amusing sea breeze.